Pecco Bagnaia on bouncing back from sprint challenges: “I am fully aware of my potential.”

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“I can be intensely focused on my goals. When I make a mistake, I might feel disappointed, nervous, or angry, but I am fully aware of my potential.”

Francesco Bagnaia overcame another sprint race disappointment to clinch victory at the Catalunya MotoGP.

After crashing from the lead on the final lap of the sprint, Bagnaia took a calculated approach in the grand prix, overtaking Jorge Martin with six laps remaining.

While other riders pushed their rear tires too hard, Bagnaia was patient in the opening laps and seized the lead at his first overtaking opportunity.

However, this victory followed yet another sprint where he lost points to Martin, prompting the two-time MotoGP champion to acknowledge the need for improvement on Saturdays.

“The sprint races are there,” Bagnaia stated. “I have to improve because we are always competitive.

“In the last three sprint races, we were competitive but faced two crashes and one bike issue.

“I’m losing a lot of points, but yesterday I would have won if I hadn’t crashed on the last lap. It’s something I need to work on, but my team is giving their all and I usually struggle more, yet this year I feel good in every sprint race.

“It’s about finishing and scoring points. Last year, I struggled a bit but managed to finish every sprint race.

“There are fewer points, but it helps a lot for the championship. It’s great that we’re competitive every Sunday, but I’m tired of major losses on Saturday,” said Bagnaia.


Although Bagnaia needs to improve in the sprints to become a three-time MotoGP champion, the factory Ducati rider remains unfazed by missed opportunities.

Known for his ability to overcome setbacks, Bagnaia showcased his resilience once again with his performance in Catalunya.

Not losing sleep over his sprint difficulties, Bagnaia stated: “I can stay very focused on the objective. When I make a mistake, I might feel disappointed, nervous, or angry, but I know my potential perfectly well.

“If everything goes right, I can fight for the win and top positions. This mindset helps me stay prepared to compete.

“Even if I have a tough Saturday, I can still have a good Sunday. The potential is there.

“My team, my bike, and everything I need to be fast are there.”

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