“I said that this might be my last season, but possibility of continuing with Aprilia is still on the table if I want to continue” – Aleix Espargaró

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Aprilia has surged in demand on the MotoGP grid, emerging as one of the premier class’s leading manufacturers, alongside its accomplished riders.

Aleix Espargaró, speaking to Sky, reflected on this transformation, contrasting it with the indifference towards Aprilia just four years ago.

“It’s natural how things have evolved. We’ve made significant strides at Aprilia, considering that not long ago, no rider desired my bike… I’ve hinted that this could potentially be my final year, yet I’m at ease knowing that if I opt to stay with Aprilia, I have that option.”

He further explained, “I’m being transparent because I’m not entirely certain anymore. While I acknowledge my past contributions, there are other factors at play.

The calendar has become more demanding, weekends more intense.

I’m someone who speaks candidly; I could have remained silent, but I chose to voice my uncertainties: I’m unsure if I’ll continue. Consequently, it’s understandable for other riders and Aprilia itself to adjust accordingly.

Nonetheless, they can’t afford to wait until October’s season end; it remains an official bike and one of the finest. Should I depart, it’ll necessitate placement with a top-tier rider.”

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