Max Biaggi: “Maverick Viñales could have fight for the victory if technical problem was not there”

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In an interview with Sky Sport 24, Max Biaggi, the former rider and current Aprilia ambassador, expressed his views on the promising start of the season for the Noale manufacturer. Biaggi highlighted the strong performances of Aprilia riders, particularly noting Aleix Espargaró’s impressive start in Qatar and Maverick Viñales’ standout performance in Portugal.

Biaggi praised these early successes as indicators of Aprilia’s competitiveness, citing Espargaró’s podium finishes in Losail and Viñales’ podium in the Portimão Sprint race as positive signs for the team.

However, Biaggi also acknowledged the setback faced by Viñales during the last weekend’s race. He mentioned that Viñales encountered gearbox issues throughout most of the race, specifically struggling with shifting from fifth to sixth gear.

Despite these challenges, Viñales exhibited determination, maintaining a strong pace and holding onto second place for a considerable duration. Unfortunately, towards the end of the race, the gearbox problem escalated, leading to Viñales’ crash and subsequent retirement.


In light of these technical difficulties, Biaggi expressed concern over the unexpected setback faced by Viñales. He emphasized the need for a swift resolution to the gearbox issue, not only to address the technical aspect but also to boost the morale of the talented rider. Biaggi underscored Viñales’ stellar performance over the weekend, highlighting the potential he displayed despite the challenges.

Biaggi stated that the team was informed of the gearbox problem but lacked specific details regarding its nature.

Looking ahead, Biaggi remains optimistic about Viñales’ prospects, expressing hope for a quick resolution to the technical issues plaguing the rider. He firmly believes that, under normal technical conditions, Viñales had the capability to challenge for victory in Portimão.

Biaggi concluded by highlighting the missed opportunity for Viñales due to the unfortunate technical problem, stating that without it, Viñales could have been a strong contender for the win, considering his exceptional performance throughout the weekend.

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