Vinales to move at Honda? The topic of Maverick Vinales potentially moving to Honda caught attention in Spain, prompting inquiries

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Maverick Vinales’ significance to Aprilia is currently at its peak… however, reports from Spain suggest that he has caught the eye of another admirer.

Maverick Vinales finds himself in the spotlight of the rider market, possibly at an all-time high. Following his remarkable MotoGP victory in the Americas, along with back-to-back sprint race triumphs in Portimao and Texas, the seasoned rider has surged into peak form precisely as the silly season gains momentum.

Vinales arrived at the Circuit of the Americas amid reports of Aprilia’s unsuccessful attempt to secure Fabio Quartararo’s signature. However, he departed with his value to his current team soaring, particularly with his contract set to expire at the end of this season.

According to Spanish newspaper AS, Viñales was probed about the prospect of a potential move to Honda for the upcoming year. The Japanese manufacturer reportedly holds him in high regard, especially given uncertainties surrounding Joan Mir, despite securing Luca Marini for 2025.

Although Honda possesses the financial muscle to invest heavily in rider contracts, their MotoGP bikes currently lag behind the competition.

Nevertheless, Vinales’ allure remains potent, especially considering his historic achievement as the first MotoGP rider to claim victory with three different manufacturers, further solidifying his worth to Aprilia.

“I won’t find myself without a seat,” responded Vinales firmly. “My primary goal is victory, nothing else matters.”

He continued, “The future seems somewhat distant. Let’s focus on the present for now, and together we can achieve remarkable feats.”

Quartararo’s choice to remain with Yamaha, securing the title of the highest-paid MotoGP rider, prompts Aprilia to reassess their rider market strategies.

Vinales commented on Quartararo’s decision to stay with a less competitive bike, stating, “It’s challenging to offer an opinion without being intimately involved. The reality we perceive may vastly differ, so it’s intricate.”

He added, “I believe if Fabio has chosen to stay, it’s because of a solid project in place. There’s no other explanation.”

Expressing his thoughts on Quartararo potentially joining Aprilia, Vinales remarked, “I would have welcomed seeing him with Aprilia. It signifies growth for the brand, which is positive.”

He concluded, “Aprilia’s active pursuit of various riders is encouraging. It indicates progress, which is beneficial for the sport as a whole.”

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