Yamaha and Dallara join forces to enhance MotoGP aerodynamics, ushering in a new era of innovation and performance on the racetrack.

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Honda recently collaborated with Kalex for its MotoGP swingarm, and now Yamaha is following suit, partnering with the renowned automotive company Dallara to focus on aerodynamics. This strategic move aims to enhance the performance of Yamaha’s YZR-M1 on the racetrack.

At the recent test in Jerez, parts from this collaboration were already integrated into the Yamaha bike, resulting in a noticeably improved performance.

This collaboration marks another significant step in Yamaha’s ongoing efforts to regain competitive positioning in MotoGP. In recent months, the company has undergone numerous changes, including in its human resources department, with increased investment and a shift towards a more European mindset.

During the Jerez test, a new chassis was also introduced. However, rider Álex Rins expressed some reservations about its performance, stating that he expected more improvement given the visibly different appearance of the bike.


Despite this, Rins remains optimistic and encouraged by certain aspects of the upgrades. He highlighted the advancements in electronics, which he believes have propelled the team forward.

Rins acknowledged the gap between Yamaha and its rivals, particularly in terms of cornering performance, where the team still struggles to keep up.

Despite not experiencing the expected difference with the new chassis, Rins remains hopeful that the combined efforts in aerodynamics and electronics will ultimately lead to a more competitive Yamaha on the MotoGP grid.

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