Álvaro Bautista raise concern about rules : ‘It’s not called the “Anti-Bautista Law” in the rules, but they’re increasing the inequalities.’

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The introduction of the minimum weight rule, which combines the weight of the bike and rider, in the World Superbike Championship has had a significant impact on a key contender: the reigning champion for the last two years, Álvaro Bautista. As the rider for Aruba.it Ducati, Bautista finds himself in a unique position where, due to his lighter weight, he is required to compensate with added ballast.

This additional weight presents even more challenges for him, exacerbating the difficulties he already faces due to his lighter stature.

In an interview with TodoCircuito.com, the Spanish rider elaborated on his concerns: “Overall, the bike has become more challenging for me. If I struggled with braking or turning before… the rules may not explicitly state an ‘anti-Bautista law’, but I am the sole rider who must carry this extra weight.


Honestly, if I had been 10kg heavier and still won, this rule would likely not have come into existence. It feels like a regulation targeted at me. I do not support this rule, but it is evident that it impacts me the most. I advocate for equality in the championship, for increased competition, but this approach is not ideal.”

Bautista further pointed out that such a regulation had never been proposed in MotoGP, highlighting the perpetual disadvantage faced by lighter riders: “In MotoGP, such a proposal was never on the table. Lighter riders consistently find themselves at a relative disadvantage.

The Superbike itself already weighs 12kg more than a MotoGP bike, which does not work in my favor as a rider. Through my dedication and hard work, I manage to handle it, but this additional burden only adds to the inequalities I face. I do not find it just. When extremely light and small riders arrive in the future, who represent the standard for their category, they will already be starting with a handicap.”

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