Jack Miller – MotoGP’s style has undergone significant transformation in the past three to four races.

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Jack Miller expressed, “It’s quite challenging to pull off a smooth slide.”

Chatter or vibration from the rear wheel has emerged as an unexpected performance challenge for Ducati and KTM in the early rounds of the 2024 MotoGP season.

Although various Ducati riders encountered this issue, they appeared unaffected at Jerez, dominating the top five positions in the Sunday Grand Prix. In contrast, KTM faced significant challenges in Spain.

The exact cause of the chatter remains unclear, but one hypothesis suggests a connection to the increased grip offered by this year’s Michelin rear tire.

This idea gains support from the fact that some 2023-spec Ducatis experienced vibration issues this season.

Jack Miller of KTM shared his observations about the changes experienced on the track: “It seems that with this ‘new’ rear tire, we’re experiencing more twitchiness.


It’s difficult to achieve a smooth slide; instead, it’s either oscillating or gripping, with little in between.”

“We’ve been working on stabilizing the bike and adopting smoother lines,” Miller explained. “The tire casing feels similar, but the rubber compound provides more grip.

This is why we’re seeing nearly a second per lap improvement everywhere this year!”

“When the tire casing loses traction, it starts oscillating vigorously due to the high surface grip.

“It’s an exceptional tire when it’s working optimally. However, our challenge lies in understanding how to maintain it within the optimal range and adjusting our riding style accordingly.

“Reflecting on Turn 1 at Austin, traditionally a ‘V’ corner, riders were adopting lines similar to Moto2, extending out to the curbs on the exit, a departure from past approaches.

“The evolution of tire performance has truly altered the dynamics of MotoGP in the past three to four Grand Prix races. It’s a shift in paradigm that we must adapt to and learn from.

“Round five takes us to Le Mans this weekend, a circuit where I clinched victory as a Ducati rider in 2021.”

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