Marc Marquez to leave Gresini? “I’m considering my options”

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“Regarding my decision for 2025, I see all doors as open,” Marc Marquez remarks.

Marc Marquez has invited rival teams and manufacturers to initiate discussions regarding his riding plans for the upcoming year. Having recently departed from his long-standing partnership with Honda to join Gresini Ducati on a one-year deal, Marquez’s future for 2025 is now up for deliberation.

When questioned by TNT Sports about his intentions, Marquez expressed his anticipation for a fervent market, foreseeing extended contract negotiations.

He pointed out the recent signings of top riders by various manufacturers, including Pecco by Ducati and Quartararo by Yamaha, with Aprilia likely to follow suit. Marquez affirmed, “For me, every opportunity is on the table.”

“My goal is to open more doors by being fast on the racetrack,” Marquez stated.

Unlike the previous season when he felt the need to depart from Honda in search of more competitive machinery, he currently finds himself on a bike capable of contending at the forefront.

“I’m in a different position now; I’m enjoying it and feeling competitive,” he remarked. “I’m willing to consider all options.”

Possible destinations for Marc Marquez in 2025

Staying with Gresini seems like the logical choice, especially if Marquez’s performance improves in the upcoming European rounds. He’s visibly happier, riding alongside his brother Alex on the bike that clinched the 2023 title.

Early showings, such as fifth place in the Qatar sprint and second in the Portimao sprint, indicate his smooth transition to the Ducati, despite a crash in Texas while leading. However, the factory Ducati team could offer a superior machine.

Currently, Jorge Martin leads the championship on the GP24, suggesting the potential for a faster bike within the Ducati stable. Marquez’s relentless pursuit of an eighth MotoGP title could lead him to consider a switch to the factory team.

While Ducati typically promotes from within, they’ve already shown openness to Marquez joining their ranks.

KTM has long shown interest in Marquez, with shared sponsorship through Red Bull. However, with Pedro Acosta’s rise, he’s likely their priority for 2025. Unless KTM expands its grid and pairs Acosta with Marquez, the dream combination, a move to KTM seems unlikely.

A return to Honda holds romantic appeal, but their struggles this season diminish the likelihood.

They have a year to enhance their project, possibly enticing Marquez with the promise of competitive machinery by 2025. However, with Honda’s current woes, this option appears increasingly improbable.

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