The road to 2025 for Yamaha, Honda : “they’re concessions , not miracles”

Transforming Honda and Yamaha’s MotoGP fortunes won’t happen overnight. Yamaha and Honda presently enjoy various technical advantages over their European MotoGP counterparts, thanks to this year’s revised concession system. However, Aleix Espargaro, who experienced the previous concession system with Aprilia, cautions against seeing these perks—including private testing with race riders and exemption from the in-season…

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Johann Zarco has Faith in Honda, Yet Acknowledges Uncertainty: ‘We’re Still Figuring Out What Works Best on the Bike…’

The MotoGP Portuguese Grand Prix proved to be a challenging endeavor for Johann Zarco, as he found himself finishing no higher than 15th place in the main race. Despite this setback, the LCR Honda rider remains steadfast in his trust in the ongoing efforts of the Honda team, drawing upon the lessons learned from the…

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“Honda MotoGP Development Not Centered on Marquez Alone Anymore, Zarco Points Out Widespread Benefits.”

Johann Zarco of LCR mentions that Honda is reaping rewards by avoiding a single-rider-centric approach to developing its MotoGP bike, a departure from the previous focus on Marc Marquez within the team. The RC213V Honda, which debuted in 2012, underwent gradual transformations to align with the needs of Marc Marquez, who burst onto the scene…

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