Jorge Lorenzo looks back on Valentino Rossi and asserts that MotoGP fans are eager for rivalries.

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Jorge Lorenzo draws comparisons between his generation and the current one regarding talent and personality.

Jorge Lorenzo believes MotoGP fans still crave rider rivalries, but only if they develop organically.

In today’s MotoGP, while the racing is intense, it lacks the fiery relationships between riders that Lorenzo experienced with Valentino Rossi and others.

“I strongly advocate for these rivalries,” Lorenzo told Mundo Deportivo. “These duels keep spectators eager for more, anticipating the races and the entire weekend.

“It happened with Alain Prost and Ayrton Senna in Formula 1, with Alex Criville and Mick Doohan in this championship, and it’s seen with Barcelona and Real Madrid in football.

“I’ve experienced it with Valentino Rossi, with Marc Marquez, with Dani Pedrosa…

“People don’t want to see riders hating each other, but they do want to witness a genuine and fierce rivalry.

“However, it must naturally unfold.”

“The riders need to stay true to their personalities and who they are,” Lorenzo emphasized.

“So, if it doesn’t suit the current riders, then it simply doesn’t.”

Lorenzo’s rivalry with Rossi was marked by the presence of a physical wall that divided the Yamaha garage they shared.

However, their era has passed, and Dorna CEO Carmelo Ezpeleta believes the current crop of riders is the best ever.

Reacting to this, two-time MotoGP champion Lorenzo remarked, “The sport evolves, and with more technology, riders are becoming increasingly physically prepared. That’s a fact.

“In terms of talent, ambition, or that ‘killer’ instinct that we had, except for Marc Marquez or Pedro Acosta, who do possess that relentless desire to win, perhaps the current riders do not.

“On a level playing field, this grid features the best and most successful motorcycles in history.

“In terms of talent, personality, and ambition, I don’t think so. We were a very, very formidable generation.”


Newcomer Pedro Acosta has already made a mark in MotoGP, declaring, “I am not here to make friends.”

Lorenzo remarked about the young teenager, “He is a young, talented, and ambitious rider; a ‘killer’.

“He is hungry. He believes he deserves to win and strives to be the best.

“This is the distinction between champions and excellent riders.”

Lorenzo evaluated how this season’s championship battle will unfold.

“I anticipate a strong showing from Ducati with their ‘fantastic four’: Pecco Bagnaia, Jorge Martin, Marc Marquez, and Enea Bastianini.


“The KTM bikes are very competitive. They are quite nervous but highly agile. Brad Binder will be in the mix.

“Of course, we’ll see if he can manage his nerves and avoid costly mistakes.

“Pedro Acosta, sooner or later, will make his mark. Additionally, Aleix Espargaro with Aprilia.

“I find him very consistent, and as he has mentioned, the bike performs wonderfully. Let’s see if Aleix can maintain his form throughout the championship without making the kinds of errors that likely cost him the title in 2022.”

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  1. Jorge is absolutely right it creates intense competition on the track just look at Jack to darn decent

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