The road to 2025 for Yamaha, Honda : “they’re concessions , not miracles”

Transforming Honda and Yamaha’s MotoGP fortunes won’t happen overnight. Yamaha and Honda presently enjoy various technical advantages over their European MotoGP counterparts, thanks to this year’s revised concession system. However, Aleix Espargaro, who experienced the previous concession system with Aprilia, cautions against seeing these perks—including private testing with race riders and exemption from the in-season…

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Honda has been advised to “write off this season” and direct their focus towards the forthcoming 2027 regulations.

“Crashing out from the back of the grid might seem absurd, but unfortunately, that’s the situation they find themselves in.” Honda has been advised to prioritize bike development throughout race weekends for the remainder of this season. The Japanese manufacturer currently finds itself trailing at the back of the MotoGP grid and has been urged…

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Luca Marini Describes Challenges from Disastrous Repsol Honda Debut

Luca Marini Granted Two Testing Opportunities Due to Concessions After Qatar MotoGP. Luca Marini has undergone two testing sessions at Jerez since the Qatar MotoGP to familiarize himself with his new Honda. Heading into this weekend’s Portuguese MotoGP at Portimao, Marini arrives with additional practice thanks to the new concessions rules. Under these regulations, allowing…

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Joan Mir eyes ‘Greater Potential’ at Portimao, While Luca Marini Anticipates ‘Interesting Insights’ into Honda’s Performance.

Joan Mir expresses optimism for Portugal: “I believe we can achieve more there. It’s a circuit I relish, and I see greater potential for us.” Joan Mir, outside the top ten in Qatar, heads confidently to round two of the 2024 MotoGP season at Portimao, aiming for a stronger performance. The former Suzuki world champion,…

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Jorge Lorenzo expresses disappointment in Yamaha and Honda: “A letdown, Luca Marini’s debut was rather poor.”

Jorge Lorenzo evaluates the beginning of the 2024 MotoGP season for Yamaha and Honda. Jorge Lorenzo has highlighted the lackluster performance of Honda and Yamaha in the Qatar MotoGP. While the Japanese manufacturers are in the process of receiving concessions benefits, Lorenzo suggests it’s too early for their fortunes to reverse. At the 2024 season-opener…

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