Johann Zarco has Faith in Honda, Yet Acknowledges Uncertainty: ‘We’re Still Figuring Out What Works Best on the Bike…’

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The MotoGP Portuguese Grand Prix proved to be a challenging endeavor for Johann Zarco, as he found himself finishing no higher than 15th place in the main race. Despite this setback, the LCR Honda rider remains steadfast in his trust in the ongoing efforts of the Honda team, drawing upon the lessons learned from the second round of the season.

Zarco emphasized his unwavering confidence in Honda, stating, “I really trust Honda. I see they are working tirelessly, and, at least, step by step, we are discovering what is not effective. Perhaps we have yet to pinpoint exactly what works best, but with every kilometer we cover, we gain valuable insights into what isn’t working. This continual learning process is crucial for our progress.”

Reflecting on his performance at the Portuguese GP, Zarco admitted that the weekend fell short of his expectations. He remarked, “I had hoped for a strong showing in Portugal, but unfortunately, it didn’t materialize. While I gained more experience, I couldn’t quite find the satisfaction in the bike’s feel. It wasn’t a weekend where I could fully enjoy the racing.”

Zarco also praised the performance of his fellow rider Joan Mir of the Repsol Honda team, particularly under challenging conditions. He noted, “Joan Mir had a commendable race given the circumstances. Despite the limitations of our bike, he showed remarkable consistency and managed to reel in the competitors ahead. In contrast, I struggled throughout and was unable to make significant headway.”

Expressing disappointment in his own performance at Portimão, Zarco revealed, “I found myself battling and enduring, and in the end, I was fortunate to salvage a few points amidst a series of crashes. It provided a sense of psychological satisfaction, knowing that the efforts throughout the weekend weren’t entirely in vain.”

In conclusion, Zarco remains optimistic about the future, recognizing the importance of the lessons learned from challenging races like the Portuguese Grand Prix. He sees each setback as an opportunity to refine their approach and move forward, aiming for better results in the upcoming events.

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