Jorge Lorenzo expresses disappointment in Yamaha and Honda: “A letdown, Luca Marini’s debut was rather poor.”

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Jorge Lorenzo evaluates the beginning of the 2024 MotoGP season for Yamaha and Honda.

Jorge Lorenzo has highlighted the lackluster performance of Honda and Yamaha in the Qatar MotoGP.

While the Japanese manufacturers are in the process of receiving concessions benefits, Lorenzo suggests it’s too early for their fortunes to reverse.

At the 2024 season-opener in Qatar, Yamaha’s Fabio Quartararo secured the best position among riders on Japanese bikes, finishing 11th.

Lorenzo, a two-time MotoGP champion with Yamaha and also a former representative of Honda, shared his assessment of their start.

“The Japanese brands disappointed in Qatar,” he told Mundo Deportivo.

“Honda and Yamaha are quite a distance away from the front.

“And Luca Marini’s debut with the Repsol Honda Team has been rather disappointing.”


Lorenzo was then asked whether Honda and Yamaha might use this year’s developmental assistance to focus on the 2027 MotoGP regulation changes. He believes they will aim for a swift return on their investment.

He remarked, “Every year, manufacturers invest significant amounts of money, and nobody wants to see it go to waste.

“No one enjoys underwhelming results.

“They should strive to become competitive as swiftly as they can.”

MotoGP bike engines are set to decrease in size starting from 2027, a change that Jorge Lorenzo supports.

“With the upcoming regulations change, MotoGP is heading in the right direction by planning a slight reduction in power,” he stated.

“Because the bikes are reaching, perhaps, excessive speeds.

“They are approaching almost 370 km/h, which is quite high.

“The limitation of aerodynamics could also prove to be beneficial.

“At present, motorcycles are extremely fast in corners, creating significant turbulence, which hinders potential overtaking without those fins and attachments.”


The MotoGP machines have transformed beyond recognition since Lorenzo began his premier class career.

“Technological advancements are crucial,” he remarked regarding the progress of the bikes.

“What is implemented on the race tracks eventually makes its way to street motorcycles, which is a positive step towards selling safer bikes.

“So, if the developments in recent years have helped advance aerodynamics technology, let it contribute to making street motorcycles a bit safer.

“However, it is true that spectators may not appreciate racing motorcycles resembling mini Formula 1 cars both aesthetically and technologically.

“If removing the wings reduces turbulence, alleviates riders during overtaking, and slightly slows down bikes in corners, then we all stand to benefit.”

MotoGP has undergone other significant changes, notably the addition of a sprint race on Saturdays of each round.

“They’ve done an outstanding job in making the races more competitive every year,” Lorenzo praised.

“With the standardization of electronics and a single control unit, no factory team can gain a significant advantage in this aspect.

“Some factories are granted concessions, and the tires are also standardized.

“The introduction of Sprint races has been another success, providing the fans with an extra race to enjoy.”

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