Aleix Espargaro supports Fabio Quartararo’s contract move, pointing out it’s not just about the money.

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Aleix Espargaro shares insights on the role of money in Fabio Quartararo’s major decision.

Aleix Espargaro emphasizes that Fabio Quartararo’s decision to not re-sign with Yamaha was not solely driven by financial considerations.

Despite reports that Quartararo’s new deal with his underperforming team will make him the highest-paid rider in MotoGP and resolving a significant part of the 2025 rider market, he opted against joining Aprilia.

Meanwhile, as Espargaro weighs whether to continue his MotoGP career or retire next year, he distinguishes his situation from Quartararo’s, stating, “For the market in general, it may change, but for me nothing changes because I am in a totally different position.”

Commenting on Quartararo’s contract renewal, Espargaro remarks, “There are many people who criticize his decision, and I don’t understand those criticisms.

This is a strategic move, and everyone knows their cards. I believe he chose the best option available, not solely for monetary reasons.”

“He is in a team that he knows, having been world champion with Yamaha. They have implemented numerous changes that may not yield immediate results but are geared towards long-term progress. I believe he recognizes this.

It would have been risky for him to make a move now, especially considering the unavailability of an official Ducati seat, for instance. His decision to renew doesn’t seem strange to me. In his position, I would have likely made the same choice.”

Quartararo’s new contract undoubtedly boosts his financial standing, but it also entails a period of anticipation regarding Yamaha’s planned improvements. With the introduction of new concessions this year, Yamaha aims to expedite the development of their bike.

Additionally, their plan to establish a satellite team in 2025 will provide them with double the data and riders on the grid. However, Quartararo understands that he might not find himself in a position to win races this year, and even next year’s prospects seem optimistic.

Despite these challenges, Yamaha benefits from having a top-tier rider, a substantial budget, and the support of concessions regulations to address their ongoing issues.

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