Brad Binder stated, “I see clearly where we need to put in some work.”

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Brad Binder emphasizes that enhancements in edge grip will significantly contribute to overcoming Ducati.

Brad Binder emerged as the closest contender to Jorge Martin in the Qatar MotoGP sprint, securing second place behind last season’s runner-up.

The factory KTM rider was unable to overtake Martin, though he did come close to doing so at turn one when starting lap two.

Binder attempted to out-brake Martin before narrowly avoiding running into the rear of the Ducati rider.

Reflecting on his impressive podium finish, Binder stated, “It was fantastic. A great feeling to be on the podium. I had a fantastic start and managed to pass a few riders early on.

“I made an attempt to overtake Jorge at the end of the first lap, but I wasn’t certain about the braking point because we were using the soft tires all morning.

“These were essentially the first few laps at night in dry conditions since the test. It took me a couple of laps to find my rhythm, but I’m pleased with the progress we’ve made and the improvements we’ve seen.

“It’s quite evident to me where we need to focus on to become a bit stronger.”


Despite staying within a second of Martin throughout the race, Binder’s struggle to make a pass was attributed to a lack of edge grip.

And Binder believes that if they can enhance performance in the area of edge grip, they can make significant strides in challenging Ducati.

When asked about areas for improvement, Binder remarked, “It’s edge grip. We’re lacking compared to them, and improving in that aspect can make a substantial difference.

“In any case, I believe we’re in for an exciting race. The bike is performing well, I feel good, and it was working consistently throughout the entire sprint.

“Undoubtedly, we pushed hard in the first five laps, and the pace was intense. I’m optimistic that tomorrow will be a good day.

“I’ve identified our strengths. The progress we’ve made in braking and entry is substantial.

“I’m thrilled to see that, but we need to improve our traction when I get on the throttle. Let’s see if we can make some gains there.”

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