Fabio Quartararo: Marc Marquez’s departure from Honda sparked wake up call at Yamaha.

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Quartararo explain “Marquez’s move from Honda to Ducati stirred a wake-up call among many at Yamaha.”

Fabio Quartararo believes that Yamaha was jolted into action upon witnessing Marc Marquez’s departure from Honda.

Marquez, a six-time MotoGP champion with Honda, opted to join Gresini Ducati this season in pursuit of a faster bike.

Quartararo, the 2021 champion, found himself in a similar position at Yamaha but made a different choice, signing a lucrative, long-term contract.

In an interview with French TV Canal+, Quartararo noted, “Marquez’s move from Honda to Ducati woke up a lot of people at Yamaha.” He highlighted Yamaha’s recruitment of new engineers and emphasized the shift in focus to Italy rather than Japan.

Quartararo expressed satisfaction with Yamaha’s increased agility in parts changes, stating, “It was very interesting for me to continue with Yamaha.” Having reportedly become the highest-earning MotoGP rider with his new contract, Quartararo affirmed, “My choice was to stay with Yamaha, not by default, but for the project.”

Quartararo acknowledged that skepticism might surround his decision to remain with Yamaha as the team undergoes rebuilding. “A few months ago, I was truly prepared to leave for another team,” he admitted.

When asked which team tempted him, he declined to specify but noted Yamaha’s substantial investment in improving their bike.

“I believe it’s one of the few brands committing such significant resources to this project,” Quartararo remarked.

“We can anticipate some improvements this year. While it may be challenging to compete for podiums, this year will lay the groundwork for the next two.”

Reports suggest Aprilia made an unsuccessful attempt to lure Quartararo for 2025. Meanwhile, Marquez has vindicated his departure from Honda by consistently contending at the front with Ducati this season.

Despite crashing out from the lead at the Americas MotoGP, Marquez provided clarity on why he and Quartararo made different choices when faced with an uncompetitive Japanese-manufactured bike.

“We’re at different stages in our sporting careers; he has more time, I have less,” Marquez explained to DAZN.

“I was at a more critical juncture where I needed that change to rediscover competitiveness. Quartararo enjoys a strong relationship with Yamaha, and their project will progress.”

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