Jorge Martin reflects on his early title lead, saying, “I hope to maintain it for more than a mere 24 hours.”

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Jorge Martin secured victory in the first MotoGP sprint of 2024, although it came with challenges for the Spaniard.

Jorge Martin dominated every lap of the initial MotoGP sprint race in 2024, outperforming Brad Binder and Aleix Espargaro.

Commencing from pole position, Martin initially encountered a strong challenge from Binder but ultimately controlled the race’s tempo.

However, Martin found himself pushing to the limit after battling through similar chatter problems as those encountered during the pre-season test.

“It was a good race, a solid start to the season on Saturday,” Martin remarked. “I’m really pleased. Of course, we have a lot of areas to work on for tomorrow because I faced some challenges in the race that we need to address for the longer race ahead.

“But overall, I’m quite satisfied with today’s performance. Hopefully, we can make improvements for tomorrow.”

When discussing the issue, Martin chose not to delve into specifics but acknowledged its continuity from the testing period.

Martin further explained, “I don’t want to delve too deeply into the problem as of now. It’s a bit of a continuation from what we experienced during testing.

“Throughout the weekend, things seemed relatively fine, but today it presented some difficulties, so we need to analyze it thoroughly and take a step forward.”

“Once we address that issue, I can unleash much more speed. It is what it is, but let’s aim to maximize our potential in this situation.”

Leading the world championship for the second time in his career, the first since the Indonesian MotoGP at Mandalika, Martin mentioned that his current points advantage is not a focal point as he enters the first Grand Prix of 2024.

“It’s certainly a great feeling,” Martin started. “I hope to maintain it for more than just a day.

“However, it’s not my primary focus right now. My main goal is to be competitive and secure a podium finish tomorrow.”

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