Jorge Martin: “We’re unbeatable when the bike is at 100%.”

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Qatar Sprint victor Jorge Martin is confident that once the GP24 is fine-tuned, he can be unstoppable.

Despite clinching victory in the sprint, Jorge Martin faced ongoing chatter issues from pre-season testing in Qatar.

Having secured pole position with a new lap record, Martin went on to win the sprint race and then claimed third place in Sunday’s grand prix.

Speaking after the race, a hopeful Martin acknowledged that he could become unstoppable in the upcoming rounds if the issues he faced are resolved.

“It was a fantastic weekend,” Martin reflected. “We showcased the speed we possess. I am confident that when the bike is at its peak performance, we can be unbeatable. However, the uncertainty lies in when this will happen.

“Currently, we’re dealing with vibrations. I’m unable to use the rear brake, and there are certain areas of my riding style that I cannot utilize, which are usually my strongest points.

“Let’s be patient and allow the engineers to work their magic. I’ve done my part; now it’s their turn.”

After leading the championship on Saturday, Martin was overtaken in the standings by reigning world champion Francesco Bagnaia.

The Ducati factory rider dominated the grand prix by leading every lap. Despite the season being in its early stages, the two-time MotoGP champion believes it was crucial to send a strong message to his rivals.

Bagnaia also commented, “Winning the race without making mistakes is always crucial.

“However, the season is a marathon. I prefer not to fixate on being the leader or the pursuer. My focus is on enjoying every moment and striving for improvement every time.

“I believe that’s the most effective approach. With 40 races remaining, it’s indeed a long season.”

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