KTM underlines ‘two remarkable characteristics’ that set Pedro Acosta apart as ‘truly exceptional’.

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According to KTM’s technical chief, there are “two aspects” of Pedro Acosta’s riding style that set him apart as “truly exceptional”.

Sebastian Risse, KTM’s MotoGP technical boss, isn’t taken aback by rookie sensation Pedro Acosta’s early successes in the premier class; rather, he’s thoroughly impressed.

Acosta, the former Moto3 and reigning Moto2 world champion, has clinched podium finishes at the past three events, securing top-three positions at Portimao and COTA, followed by a second-place finish in the Jerez Sprint.

Currently racing for the GASGAS-branded Tech3 team aboard an RC16, the teenage sensation Acosta holds the fourth position in the world championship standings, leading the pack among KTM riders.

“I must admit, I’m not surprised, but I am incredibly impressed,” remarked Risse to MotoGP.com. “His rapid learning curve and adaptability were evident in other classes.

However, transitioning to MotoGP presents a different challenge, with outcomes varying widely for rookies.

“Typically, rookies need to be encouraged to remain composed, maintain bike setup consistency, and focus on learning rather than making drastic changes. Pedro, however, is quite the opposite. He exudes confidence in his understanding of the bike and its capabilities.”

“He’s incredibly eager to extract the maximum potential from himself before delving into the technical aspects. Pedro remains remarkably composed and self-assured.”

Speaking about Acosta’s unique style on the track, Risse shared, “His braking technique is distinctively late yet controlled.


He possesses the ability to halt the bike smoothly without requiring exceptional braking capabilities. Additionally, his body positioning while maneuvering the bike sets him apart.”

“These two facets truly make him stand out,” Risse emphasized. “I firmly believe he’ll contend for the title, although it’s premature to speculate on timing.

It’s imperative to allow him the necessary time to fully realize his potential in this class, and I’m confident he’ll emerge victorious.”

Turning his attention to the broader RC16 project, Risse expressed satisfaction, stating, “We currently boast a formidable engine, possibly the strongest in the field.

We’ve addressed the shortcomings in last year’s aerodynamics while retaining the strengths.”

Despite KTM’s yet-to-be-claimed Sprint or Grand Prix victory this season, the manufacturer sits second in the constructors’ standings, trailing only Ducati, a ranking Risse concurs with.

“It appears we’re currently the second-strongest manufacturer,” he acknowledged. “Our lead rider typically secures the position of the top non-Ducati rider. However, it signifies our need to bridge the gap to truly challenge the leading Ducatis.”

“We were well aware that it wouldn’t be an easy journey. We’re all striving relentlessly. Ups and downs are inevitable. What distinguishes KTM is our lofty aspirations—we’re determined to win. It’s merely a matter of time.”

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