Marc Marquez possibly in red by ’25? Speculation links to “politics” and Gigi Dall’Igna.

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“The dynamics and bond that Marc holds with Ducati and Dall’Igna will be crucial…”

“The viewpoint of Gigi Dall’Igna will play a pivotal role in determining Marc Marquez’s next steps within Ducati’s political landscape,” Jorge Lorenzo asserts.

The six-time MotoGP champion is currently riding a year-old Ducati for the Gresini satellite team this season, with a one-year contract binding him.

With his name, alongside Enea Bastianini and Jorge Martin, undoubtedly being considered for Francesco Bagnaia’s factory teammate next year, Lorenzo emphasizes that Dall’Igna’s opinion will hold significant weight.

“From an external perspective, it appeared that Ducati wasn’t overly enthusiastic about Marquez’s potential arrival,” Lorenzo told Mundo Deportivo ahead of the Portuguese MotoGP where Marquez and Bagnaia collided.

“However, I believe this isn’t the case with Dall’Igna.

“I would go as far as to say that he has been the most supportive. I’m speaking as an outsider, not from within.

“I cannot say why it didn’t evoke that same level of excitement in certain corners of Ducati.”

“When Ducati witnesses Marc’s exceptional performance with the Ducati, particularly his commitment to remaining with the factory team and not considering a return to Honda, they will undoubtedly rally behind him.

“Having Marc Marquez guarantees a rider who contends for championships.”

When asked if Ducati’s faith in Marquez could manifest this year through upgrades to his year-old bike, two-time MotoGP champion Lorenzo responded:

“In the past, we’ve witnessed riders not only receive upgrades but an entirely new bike. Riders who were previously on the older model were given the new one. I’m uncertain if that will be the case here.

“What is certain is that, per regulations, Ducati cannot modify the engines. However, they can expect enhancements in chassis, electronics, and aerodynamics.

“The dynamics and bond that Marc holds with Ducati and Dall’Igna will be crucial.

“Gigi is pleased with Marquez’s arrival and fully supports him.

“He strives to have the finest riders in his lineup, and I am confident that if Marc maintains his impressive performance, both Dall’Igna and Ducati will stand by him this year and desire his continuation with the brand in the future.”

Lorenzo, who spent two challenging years with Ducati towards the end of his career, remains an ardent supporter of Dall’Igna, Ducati’s exceptional engineer.

Despite his own stint in red not yielding the desired results for Ducati, Lorenzo always retained faith that the manufacturer would reclaim its position at the pinnacle of MotoGP.

In 2022, Ducati achieved this feat through Bagnaia, the very rider currently in contention with Marquez this season and potentially a teammate for Marquez in the upcoming year.

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