Marco Bezzecchi makes it clear: “There is no ‘number one’ at VR46.”

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Marco Bezzecchi affirms that there is no hierarchy of ‘number one’ status within the Pertamina Enduro VR46 team ahead of the 2024 MotoGP season-opener.

During pre-season testing, Marco Bezzecchi was overshadowed by his new MotoGP teammate, Fabio Di Giannantonio, but the Italian remains unfazed.

In fact, Bezzecchi, who finished third last season, believes that having a teammate faster than him during testing can be beneficial for his improvement moving forward.

“I believe there is no defined ‘number one’ in the team,” Bezzecchi began. “Ultimately, everyone is fulfilling their role.

“Fabio demonstrated great speed towards the end of last season and has continued to show it in pre-season testing.

“For me, it presents an opportunity to learn from these fast riders, not just within Ducati, but also within my own team.

“We share our data, allowing me to observe and analyze what he does differently, aiming to improve my own performance.”

Bezzecchi’s performances as a second-year MotoGP rider in 2023 were truly exceptional, showcasing a level of dominance at times that even Francesco Bagnaia and Jorge Martin did not achieve.

As a result, the expectations on Bezzecchi are even higher, a reality he is keenly aware of.

When asked if he feels the pressure of increased attention, Bezzecchi affirmed, “Yes, definitely. Last year is behind us, and in sports, every year presents unique challenges.

“I need to concentrate on this season. I struggled a bit in Sepang, but during the test here in Doha, I felt much improved and started to grasp better how to handle the new bike.

“I still need to adjust my style a bit, but I’m working on it to be competitive and quick.”

‘MotoGP more physically demanding now’

A prominent topic leading into this weekend’s season-opener has been the competitiveness of MotoGP.

The championship has perhaps never been tighter, but according to Bezzecchi, modern MotoGP bikes have also become significantly more physically demanding.

The Italian remarked, “MotoGP has become much more physically demanding, and you need to tailor your training plan accordingly.

“Each rider is different; some require more strength, while others need a different focus. I follow the guidance of my trainer, Carlo Casabianca, and strive to train to the best of my abilities.

“Riding a MotoGP bike is incredibly challenging, but after a few races, it starts to feel a bit more familiar, so to speak.”

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