‘No one in this world could catch Maverick Vinales’ at COTA – Pedro Acosta

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Even though Pedro Acosta gave it his all to keep up with Maverick Vinales, he ultimately conceded the victory in the grand prix.

Pedro Acosta found himself leading a MotoGP race for the first time at COTA, not just once but twice. The rookie took the lead from Marc Marquez, who then crashed moments later on lap 10.

After reclaiming the lead, Acosta held the top spot for another three laps before Maverick Vinales’ exceptional pace enabled him to surge past at turn 11.

Acosta attempted to keep up with the Aprilia rider, but to no avail, confirming later that no one stood a chance against Vinales at COTA.

“No one on this planet could catch him today,” Acosta remarked. “Just look at the pace he had.

“Yesterday, when I saw him and the speed he had in the sprint, it was out of this world.


“Today, I gave it my all. When he overtook me, I tried to defend my position. But today was really tough, and I spoke with him. He mentioned that when he passed me, I was pushing hard in the braking zone of turn 12. It was impossible to overtake him. Today just wasn’t my day.”

While victory eluded Acosta in Texas, the rookie is edging closer and closer, hinting that a maiden win is on the horizon.

Even more impressive than his sheer speed is Acosta’s ability to make it seem effortless. He admitted that, thus far, he hasn’t reached the limit of the bike.

Acosta mentioned, “At the moment, we’re not sure where the bike’s limit lies. As you can see, we’re not crashing frequently.

“This indicates that we have room for improvement. We haven’t really adjusted the bike’s setup much. I’ve been using the same setup since the Valencia test, and we’re primarily focusing on my riding style.

“At times, I experience moments similar to the starts in Moto2. There are also instances of tire locking, which requires a different approach compared to Moto2 with Dunlop tires versus Michelin in MotoGP.

“We’re aiming to concentrate more on my performance than on the bike itself, trying to find my personal level and boundaries.”

After Saturday’s sprint, where Acosta was outpaced by Marc Marquez, Jorge Martin, and Vinales, the KTM rider hinted at learning some valuable insights.


Acosta successfully applied what he learned by managing the tires more effectively.

“I was able to handle the tires better,” Acosta explained. “Yesterday was a bit chaotic.

“When Jorge overtook me, my pace was gradually decreasing. Also, Aleix was right behind me. During the grand prix, I focused on managing the first sector and the long right at the end of the track.

“In terms of braking, I left some space when someone was attempting to overtake me on the left, aiming to regain the position on the exit.

“When Jorge passed me in the sprint, he hindered me a bit, and perhaps it cost me the opportunity to keep up with him on the back straight.”

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