Pecco Bagnaia Tipped to Seek ‘Reckoning’ Against Marc Marquez at COTA

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“For me, this signified Bagnaia’s refusal to be outdone in the second race of the season by someone aiming to claim his crown.”

“Francesco Bagnaia Aims to Settle the Score with Marc Marquez at Circuit of the Americas this Weekend.

“Their mishap in Portimao left both riders tumbling in the gravel, without points, and losing crucial ground in the championship battle.

“Bagnaia’s attempt to overtake Marquez for fifth position resulted in both crashing out.

“MotoGP commentator Matt Birt insists that the incident was fueled by Bagnaia’s desire to assert his dominance over Ducati’s newcomer, Marquez.

“People within the paddock and fans worldwide have been longing for the next significant rivalry, a bit of intensity,” Birt stated.

“We didn’t have to wait long before Marc stirred up chaos in just his second race with Ducati!

“Portimao was a prime example of two heavyweight contenders refusing to yield to each other.”

“Regrettably, when two heavyweights clashed, they both hit the deck. Not ideal for the championship.


“Pecco claims Marc was overly aggressive in closing the line, while Marc argues that Pecco was overly optimistic about the available gap.

“Behind the scenes, it’s already a headache for Ducati management.

“For us neutrals, this is exactly what we crave—two top riders battling it out tooth and nail!

“Personally, I believe it was the right call to classify it as a racing incident. In the blame game, I’d lean 60-40 towards Bagnaia.

“It has certainly added spice to this weekend…”

“The aftermath leaves Ducati in the delicate position of managing relations between their star rider and reigning MotoGP champion, Bagnaia, and their esteemed newcomer, Marquez.

“The dominant Italian manufacturer surely aims to avoid a repeat of their two riders dashing each other’s hopes once more.

“It’s potentially a colossal headache for Ducati,” Birt remarked.

“Yet, they were aware of this scenario when they signed Marc. They understand the kind of rider he is—fully committed, highly aggressive.

“For me, this was Bagnaia refusing to be outshined in just the second race of the season by someone eyeing his crown.

“Bagnaia has long been the undisputed leader at Ducati. Then, in round two, along comes Marc…

“Their differing perspectives on the incident have set the stage for the kind of gripping rivalry we’ve been yearning for.


“I’m eager for this weekend because they’ll be battling fiercely at the front in both the sprint and the grand prix.”

Traditionally, the MotoGP of the Americas in Texas has been Marquez’s favorite circuit.

Having clinched victory seven times here with Honda, Marquez now debuts on a Ducati in the third round of the 2024 MotoGP season.

“I’d be astonished if Marc doesn’t at least win either the sprint or the grand prix,” Birt predicted.

“This weekend will truly reveal where Marc stands and his potential on the Ducati.

“Qatar and Portimao haven’t been his favored tracks, but this one is his domain. His home turf.

“This weekend will unveil his explosive capabilities.

“Can he replicate the stellar performances he delivered for Honda in the past?”

Meanwhile, Bagnaia is unlikely to sit back and let Marquez steal all the spotlight at COTA.

Known for his strong responses to adversity, Bagnaia is the epitome of consistency.

“Look at his track record,” Birt emphasized. “Bagnaia bounces back impressively from setbacks.

“While Portimao marked only the second time in the new sprint era format that he didn’t secure at least one podium in a weekend, he is eager for redemption at this rodeo.

“It will be thrilling to witness how he comes out swinging.

“He seeks payback on his turf. And he’s hungry for payback against the #93 as well!”

With Marquez trailing 33 points behind championship leader Jorge Martin and Bagnaia 23 points behind, the battle at COTA promises to be a spectacle.

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