Pedro Acosta shares his favorite Portimao passing move | charisma, speed, style, he does it with panache.

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Pedro Acosta commended for “his skill in calculating, figuring out how to achieve it each time…”

Pedro Acosta executed overtakes on Jack Miller, Brad Binder, Marc Marquez, and Francesco Bagnaia during the Portuguese MotoGP.

The teenage newcomer has made a significant impact within the first two rounds of the 2024 season, becoming the third-youngest rider to secure a podium finish in the premier class at Portimao.

The buzz circulating within the MotoGP paddock indicates that Acosta is a rising star.

“The standout rider today was Acosta,” remarked Sylvain Guintoli to TNT Sports. “Incredible!”

Michael Laverty chimed in, saying, “He is the breath of fresh air that MotoGP needed at this moment.

“With all the talk about aero and the challenges of overtaking, he managed to pass four of the toughest riders – Miller, Binder, Marquez, Bagnaia.

“He made it appear effortless, almost casual. Even his post-race interview on the podium. He possesses everything – charisma, speed, style, executing it all with flair.

“We’ll be discussing him throughout the season. What an impressive rookie campaign, already on the podium!”

Laverty praised Acosta’s riding style, stating, “Remarkable. We’ve discussed it in Moto2 and Moto3, his ability to position the bike precisely where it needs to be.

“It’s astounding the control he exhibits when veering off the racing line, onto the dirty part of the track, with the rear of the bike sliding.

“His capability to calculate, to determine how he could execute it each time, is incredible.

“The overtake on Pecco was particularly impressive. It held significant meaning for him. He had to strategize thoroughly, figuring out how to make the attack.


“Exceptional. Diving down the inside on the less favorable part of the track, with the rear sliding. He has to relinquish some ground, sacrificing time. The pressure on his front tire increases significantly. Yet, he plunges into Turn 3 with precision. The astuteness… he cuts back, leans it back inside, leaving Pecco no opportunity to counterattack.

“While luck played a role in securing the podium due to Vinales’ gearbox issue, he truly earned it.”

Acosta shared his favorite overtake of the day with TNT Sports, stating, “The one on Pecco. I trailed him for several laps. I attempted it at Turn 1 but overshot the corner. I struggled to bring the bike to a halt and thought, ‘Alright…’

“I told myself, ‘I need to catch up to him again.’ The overtake on Pecco was special because it occurred at Turn 3, marking my first successful pass.”

Despite finishing seventh in the sprint, Acosta trailed only Jorge Martin and Enea Bastianini on Sunday, a result he is still adjusting to.

Reflecting on the grand prix, he remarked, “It was unbelievable. Right from the start of the race, the bike felt much better compared to Saturday.

“It’s true that in a long-distance race with a full fuel tank… it feels more natural to me. I’ve been racing like this my entire life.

“We experimented with some adjustments in the warm-up to determine what we needed for the opening lap, and it paid off.”

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