“The Best is yet to come! Gresini will have a really strong year ahead.” – Nadia Padovani

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Gresini Racing made an impressive start to the MotoGP season. At the Qatar Grand Prix, Marc Márquez secured a fourth-place finish, narrowly missing the podium, while his brother Álex came in sixth.

Team owner Nadia Padovani expressed her satisfaction with the performances, stating in comments quoted by the newspaper AS: “The weekend went exceptionally well for us, and I am delighted with the showings of both Marc and Álex. The Moto2 riders, [Manuel] González and [Albert] Arenas, also performed admirably. We have areas to improve, naturally, but it’s a process.

Marc seems to be in high spirits, enjoying himself, and that’s wonderful to see. I share his enthusiasm. I believe we have yet to witness the best from our team. With many races ahead, I am confident that we are in for an excellent year.”

The widow of the late Fausto Gresini shared insights into her husband’s sentiments, revealing that he would have been pleased with Marc Márquez joining the team and the overall direction of the team. She expressed, “He would be incredibly happy and pleased with the way we are progressing the team and the initiatives we are undertaking. Absolutely, yes.”

She elaborated on the positive developments within the team, highlighting that Fausto Gresini would have found great satisfaction in the team’s forward momentum. She emphasized his contentment with Marc Márquez’s addition to the team, indicating that it aligns well with the vision Fausto had for the team’s growth and success.

The widow further conveyed her confidence in the team’s trajectory, echoing Fausto Gresini’s sentiments. She spoke of his joy in seeing the team evolve and improve, noting that the team is moving in a direction that would have undoubtedly pleased him immensely.

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