Yamaha exit for Fabio Quartararo? “Decision coming soon, we’ll find out…”

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Fabio Quartararo has shared details about the significant decision on the horizon for his 2025 team.

Fabio Quartararo has hinted at the timeline for finalizing his 2025 MotoGP future.

As he enters the last year of his contract and with his current bike showing little signs of returning him to the front, the possibility of him leaving is looming.

Quartararo is attracting interest from several quarters, with Aprilia reportedly keen on securing his services.

When questioned about his decision timeline, Quartararo stated, “It will be soon. The exact date? I’m not sure. But I won’t take months to decide. It will be relatively quick. We’ll see…”

Since clinching the 2021 MotoGP championship, Quartararo’s Yamaha has been slipping further down the grid.

The Qatar MotoGP season opener dashed any preseason hopes, ending with a disappointing 11th-place finish.

His teammate Alex Rins finished in 16th place.

Yamaha aims to leverage the concessions rule by organizing a private test, just 24 hours after this weekend’s Portuguese MotoGP at Portimao.

“We will test on Monday, here, after the race,” confirmed Quartararo.

“It will be interesting to see how it goes.

“Step by step, we will introduce some new items. We have fresh data to analyze.

“We will discuss the test on Sunday night to decide what we will use, what we will test.

“As always, it will be a considerable challenge.”

Yamaha recently brought in Massimo Bartolini and Marco Nicotra—two engineers from Ducati—a move signaling their intent to improve their performance.

However, they arrived at Portimao for the second round of the 2024 season tempering expectations.

Massimo Meregalli, the Yamaha team director, cautioned: “The changes we are striving for won’t happen overnight—significant progress will take time and effort.”

Whether Yamaha can persuade Quartararo to sign a new contract before time runs out remains uncertain.

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