“Awkward Interactions” and “Unsettling Feelings” for Marquez and Bagnaia

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Marquez-Bagnaia Spat: Anticipated Resentment Brewing? “He Knows Exactly,” Sources Say

The personal dynamic between Marc Marquez and Francesco Bagnaia has come into focus following their collision at the Portuguese MotoGP.

While Bagnaia’s overtaking move on Marquez, resulting in contact and both riders falling, was deemed a racing incident, it has sparked discussions on responsibility and potential repercussions.

Marquez’s entry into the Ducati team, where Bagnaia stands as the lead figure and reigning MotoGP champion, adds an intriguing layer to their clash.

When asked by MotoGP.com about any lingering “ill feelings” or “awkwardness” with Bagnaia afterward, Marquez replied, “Certainly, it’s difficult to find immediate agreement between two riders, just an hour after the incident.”

“But we maintain a good relationship with Pecco. No issues,” Marquez continued.

“He is aware of what transpired. He knows his misstep.

“I acknowledge that such incidents are part of racing.”

When questioned about the collision’s effect on his rapport with Marquez, Bagnaia remained firm, stating, “No. It’s simply an unfortunate occurrence.”

However, this incident is bound to linger in the minds of both riders as they strive to mount a championship challenge this season.

For Ducati, it presents a matter to contemplate on how to navigate the situation, with potential repercussions that could even influence their decision on whether Marquez should remain as Bagnaia’s teammate in red next year.

Davide Tardozzi, the Ducati team boss, accompanied Marquez and Bagnaia to Race Direction where the collision was deemed a racing incident.

Bagnaia shared insights into their discussions during the private hearing, saying, “Both of us argued for ‘no penalty’, naturally.”

“However, we are two individuals with distinct mentalities, hence, differing viewpoints,” Bagnaia elaborated.

Marquez’s perspective was succinct: “When Race Direction approached me, I stated, ‘It was on the red line, it’s for you to decide’.”

Describing the attempted overtake on the inside of Marquez, Bagnaia recounted, “As Marc came alongside, he passed me. I aimed to make the move.”

“Marc attempted to close the gap, resulting in our collision,” he continued. “Unfortunately, it ended with no points. In the upcoming race, we’ll need to bounce back to narrow the gap.”

Marquez attributed the incident to Bagnaia, stating, “Certainly, these incidents occur in racing. However, I did not anticipate such a mistake from Pecco while we were battling for fifth position.”

“In the end, whether it’s two points more or less…,” Marquez trailed off. “We both wound up in the gravel.”

“This could significantly impact us towards the championship’s conclusion,” Marquez added. “He struggled toward the end, I struggled in the beginning. I was closing the gap.”

“As you know, when you’re struggling, sooner or later after three or four laps, the pursuing rider catches up. It’s something you have to accept,” Marquez concluded.

“He made a spirited return, and yet, we both ended up in the gravel.”

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