Pramac Holds Ducati Departure Clause; Disclosed Negotiations with Two Competing Manufacturers

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Pramac has been approached by two competing manufacturers regarding the acquisition of the Ducati satellite team.

Pramac’s status as a Ducati satellite team reportedly hangs in the balance.

According to Motorsport, key figures at Pramac have engaged in discussions with KTM and Yamaha regarding a potential move of their project.

Pramac holds an exit clause in their Ducati contract, allowing them to switch to a rival manufacturer in 2025.

Ducati has set a deadline of the MotoGP summer break for Pramac to make their final decision.

A source from Pramac is quoted in the report saying, “Almost 100%, we are going to continue together.”

The focal point of this unexpected development is Fermin Aldeguer, the young Moto2 talent whom Ducati has confirmed signing.

Ducati announced that Aldeguer will make the jump to MotoGP next year, but they have not specified which team he will join.

Although it is widely anticipated that Pramac will be his destination, the lack of official confirmation has cast uncertainty on the team’s future.

If Pramac decides to make a move, Aldeguer would naturally transition to a different Ducati satellite team.

Currently housing Jorge Martin and Franco Morbidelli as their riders, Pramac operates updated-spec Ducatis, which are considered the top bikes in MotoGP today.

However, Martin is set to depart from Pramac in 2025, heading either to the factory Ducati team or another factory seat.

This opens a clear spot for Aldeguer within the team.

On the other hand, Yamaha and KTM, Pramac’s alternative options, are both aiming to expand their presence on the grid.

Yamaha currently fields just two bikes but aims to introduce a satellite project in 2025.

KTM, with their Tech3 GASGAS squad, has ambitious plans for growth as well.

Meanwhile, another Ducati satellite team, VR46, is also contemplating its future.

VR46 operates with year-old Ducatis, and their 2024 season hasn’t begun as strongly as anticipated.

Yamaha, where team owner Valentino Rossi is a revered figure and still serves as a brand ambassador, is also a potential option for VR46.

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