Bagnaia elaborates why lap records are constantly being broken, ‘grip means safety’

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Pecco Bagnaia stated, “In my view, increased grip equates to enhanced safety.”

Official MotoGP race lap records have been broken at all three events so far this season: Qatar, Portimao, and COTA. This trend is anticipated to persist at Jerez this weekend, weather permitting. However, it also sparks safety concerns, particularly at historic European venues like the Spanish track, which are struggling to expand run-off areas to match increasing speeds.

Reigning double world champion Francesco Bagnaia, attributing much of the 2024 gains to the new Michelin tyre compounds, believes circuits are keeping pace well and asserts that more grip ultimately enhances safety.

“Bikes are evolving significantly each year,” Bagnaia remarked. “Even minor adjustments can yield significant differences, along with the new aero. And then there are the new tyres.

The performance gains from the new tyres are remarkable. We witnessed it during the pre-season test, where we achieved ’56 times in Malaysia, something incredible, akin to the lap records in Qatar or Austin.”

“And I believe that more grip also translates to increased safety. While speeds are indeed rising, tracks are diligently enhancing run-off areas, and greater grip provides us with better sensations. So, I believe it enhances safety.”

As a double Jerez MotoGP winner, Bagnaia commended the Spanish circuit as “one of the greatest to race on.”

“You can engage in exciting battles. Last year, I made numerous overtakes, which was exhilarating. So, I believe it’s one of those tracks where the rider’s skill plays a significant role, similar to Portimao, and racing here is always enjoyable.”

“It was one of the first tracks I raced on when I joined the Spanish championship,” he reminisced. “It has always been one of my dream tracks; I was curious about what it would be like to ride here.”

“So, it’s one of my favorites for that reason, and also because it features some really challenging braking zones as well as fast corners.”

Despite winning last year’s Spanish MotoGP, Bagnaia returns this year ranked fifth in the world championship, having not stood on the podium since his victory in the Qatar season opener.

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