Binder : MotoGP Rookies Face Tougher Debut Challenges Now Compare To Few Years Ago.

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“Brad Binder of KTM notes MotoGP newcomers face a tougher challenge compared to when he entered the championship in 2020, while also praising the impressive skills of ‘class act’ Pedro Acosta.”

“Becoming a highly touted rookie, Binder made his MotoGP debut in 2020 with the factory KTM team after winning the Moto3 championship in 2016 and finishing as the Moto2 runner-up in 2019.

Displaying podium-worthy speed in his inaugural race at Jerez in 2020, he achieved a historic first victory for KTM just three rounds into his MotoGP journey at Brno.

Reflecting on his rookie season, Binder now believes that the challenges for newcomers are tougher than what he faced. “I can still recall the struggles of my first MotoGP test,” he recalled. “Then, entering the first race, I felt incredibly quick. However, it resulted in a fair share of crashes.”

Binder continued, “I always felt like I could outbrake others, try different approaches, until I realized they were conserving their tires or something similar. You encounter these surprises along the way. Nonetheless, the excitement of racing against the idols you once admired is always present.”

“I absolutely loved it, it was fantastic. Of course, looking at it now, I believe it’s definitely tougher than when I started. Nevertheless, it’s incredibly exciting and undoubtedly an adventure.”


Binder shared these sentiments while praising his KTM rookie teammate, Acosta, who secured his first MotoGP podium in only his second grand prix at Portugal last week.

“A costa is already being hailed as a potential generational talent, with Binder emphasizing that the 19-year-old Spaniard’s performance on the RC16 is ‘truly exceptional’.

“Bud, let me tell you, when he overtook me, he was on fire,” Binder added. “He’s truly exceptional. Watching him ride, you can truly appreciate his skill.

“The way he handles the bike, maintaining high corner speeds and smoothly picking it up, it’s impressive. He’s a real standout, so hats off to him. A podium is truly well-deserved.”

While the rise of a promising rookie can sometimes challenge the established riders, Binder views collaborating with Acosta as a valuable opportunity for both himself and the KTM project.

“One of the greatest blessings in my career has been having teammates who constantly pushed me,” he explained.

“I’ve been fortunate to have strong teammates, which can be seen as both a blessing and a challenge.

“However, it has always been beneficial for me. So, I believe that by working together, we can continue to push boundaries and propel this entire project forward.”

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