BMW confirms, “We are in discussions with Dorna,” amidst mounting speculation regarding a MotoGP entry.

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Would BMW’s entry in MotoGP in 2027 shake up the competition?

Speculations surrounding BMW’s potential entry into MotoGP are heating up following recent comments from the head of the automotive giant.

Markus Flasch, Head of BMW Motorrad, had previously hinted at the possibility of BMW venturing into MotoGP.

After witnessing Toprak Razgatlioglu secure BMW’s first WorldSBK victory since their return as a factory team last weekend in Barcelona, Flasch has once again addressed the topic of a potential MotoGP future.

“2027 could present an ideal opportunity for us to step into MotoGP with the introduction of new regulations,” Flasch stated, as quoted by Motorsport.

With the potential for all manufacturers to restart on an equal footing in 2027, creating a level playing field, it could be argued that this is the optimal moment for a new entrant to arrive and immediately contend.

Flasch elaborated: “We are currently in discussions with Dorna and actively considering the regulations.

“This forms a part of our evaluation process.

“Starting in the 2027 season seems to be a logical choice.”

“But this does not create pressure for us to reach a decision.”

Previously, BMW had turned down the opportunity to fill Suzuki’s place on the MotoGP grid.

However, since Flasch assumed the top position at BMW, there appears to have been a reconsideration.

He remarked, “The key to making a decision lies in convincing individuals of the concept.

“A strategic analysis is essential. Financing is just one facet. Branding is another.

“If the analysis is compelling and garners internal support, the decision is not contingent on the CEO of BMW Motorrad.”

Flasch outlined the potential motives for entering MotoGP: “The brand is the foremost consideration.

“MotoGP revolves around the brand and its global reach. This is why companies participate.

“Technology transfer is another factor, though it ranks as the second most significant point.”

Despite Flasch’s personal passion for MotoGP, he emphasized that this alone is not the sole factor influencing BMW’s contemplation.

“It’s no secret that I hold a deep passion for MotoGP,” he stated.

“However, our decisions will not be driven solely by the CEO’s personal interests.

“Our objective is to excel in World Superbike.

“Simultaneously, we are evaluating the trajectory of WSBK and whether it makes sense for us to progress.”

Would BMW’s World Superbike (WSBK) project continue if they enter MotoGP in 2027?

“It’s premature to comment on that,” Flasch remarked.

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