Brad Binder finds himself on the losing end of the power struggle against Pedro Acosta, who continues to rise in influence.

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Brad Binder must be feeling the heat to elevate his game.

Brad Binder has received a stern warning that his position as KTM’s leading rider is in jeopardy due to the remarkable emergence of Pedro Acosta. Acosta’s electrifying riding style, audacious overtakes, and consistent performances have taken the MotoGP world by storm this season.

The young rookie’s exceptional talent has positioned him as a strong contender to move up from Tech3 GASGAS to the factory team in 2025, potentially overshadowing Binder as the top rider for the manufacturer.

During analysis at Jerez, broadcaster Simon Crafar noted, “Pedro is achieving these feats all on his own, without the guidance of a seasoned teammate to rely on. It’s truly remarkable.”


This intense competition is putting immense pressure on Binder to elevate his performance. Despite setbacks like at COTA, where Binder struggled due to a broken toe and team missteps, there’s little room for error moving forward.

Formerly the linchpin of the team, Binder now finds himself in a fiercely contested battle for supremacy alongside Acosta.

“There’s a sudden emergence of a power struggle, and if current trends persist, it’s one that Brad Binder appears to be on the losing end of,” remarked Crafar.

He continued, emphasizing the importance for manufacturers to cultivate young talents: “Young riders enter the scene as blank slates, eager to absorb knowledge and elevate the sport. Their presence injects a fresh energy and raises the competitive bar.”


Binder’s position within KTM seems secure due to his existing contract extending beyond the upcoming year. However, his factory team colleague, Jack Miller, faces a more uncertain future.

Regarding Miller, Crafar expressed hope for a resurgence: “I’m optimistic that Jack still has untapped potential this season, though it’s unfortunate we haven’t seen it earlier. Time will tell if he can deliver.”

Meanwhile, Pedro Acosta’s meteoric rise in MotoGP sees him currently placed fourth in the standings after four rounds, boasting two podium finishes. He’s already establishing himself as a prized asset for KTM, with expectations of an extended partnership, potentially into 2025, and a promotion to the factory team.

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