Fabio Quartararo Talks About Aprilia’s Approach and His Reasons for Declining.

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“Fabio Quartararo Talks About Aprilia, Reportedly Offered a Deal Which He Turned Down”

“Fabio Quartararo Opens Up About Aprilia’s Interest and His Decision”

Fabio Quartararo recently discussed Aprilia’s pursuit of him in the MotoGP circuit.

Having reportedly turned down a €4 million per year offer from Aprilia, Quartararo opted to renew his contract with Yamaha, a deal reputedly worth three times the amount.

Now standing as the highest-paid rider in MotoGP, Quartararo elaborated on his choice to stay with his current team during the MotoGP Grand Prix of the Americas.

“I’ve had discussions with all the manufacturers,” Quartararo shared with DAZN.

“Aprilia was one of the options that intrigued me, as it offered something different.

“There aren’t as many riders on the same bike within Aprilia’s setup.

“However, after reviewing all the proposals from various teams, I found that the project that truly resonated with me was Yamaha’s vision for the future.

“We delved deeply into discussions with Yamaha’s management and engineers during our time in Portugal, examining the project in detail from now until the conclusion of 2025 and 2026.”

“Fabio Quartararo Dives Into Yamaha’s Vision and His Decision”

Fabio Quartararo recently shed light on the factors influencing his choice to remain with Yamaha in MotoGP.

“We’ve witnessed some truly intriguing developments, details that I can’t divulge just yet,” Quartararo hinted.

“Yamaha’s sincere interest in my role within the team has been a significant factor in my decision.

“It goes beyond just the team; it involves structure, technical innovations, and the people involved…

“Yamaha has made substantial investments in motorcycle development, starting as early as January 2024.

“The addition of engineers with experience from other brands has highlighted crucial areas where the bike’s potential was untapped. Yamaha is committed to addressing these swiftly and comprehensively.

“We can expect significant advancements this year, with even more to come in the future.”

Massimo Bartolini, a pivotal figure, was later mentioned. The former Ducati engineer has taken on the role of technical director at Yamaha.

Despite Quartararo’s Yamaha currently trailing behind the Aprilias he turned down, the upcoming race in Texas offers another opportunity for Quartararo and teammate Alex Rins to showcase the bike’s progress.

Ultimately, Quartararo’s decision to remain with Yamaha was a strategic one, promising both long-term stability and financial gains.

For Aprilia, aiming to solidify their position as Ducati’s primary challengers, the next step involves deliberating on whether to retain their experienced duo of Aleix Espargaro and Maverick Vinales for the upcoming season.

Aleix Espargaro recently said that he was told by Aprilia that they never made any offer to Fabio Quartararo. It’ll still remain a mystery for all of us since we won’t know what’s the truth.

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