Yamaha Sets Deadline for Satellite Search Amid Pramac and VR46 Rumors

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“Yamaha Associated with Pramac and VR46, Optimistic About Securing Satellite Team for 2025”

“Yamaha Chief Lin Jarvis Expresses ‘Optimism’ for Satellite Team Addition in 2025 – Decision Required Soon”

Lin Jarvis, head of Yamaha, holds a positive outlook on the possibility of incorporating a satellite project into their lineup for 2025. However, he emphasizes the need for a timely resolution.

Both Pramac and VR46, existing Ducati satellite teams with contracts set to expire, have been strongly linked with a potential move to Yamaha.

However, reports from Sky Italia suggest that VR46 has turned down Yamaha’s offer, a move that left the Japanese manufacturer “surprised” and “disheartened.”

When questioned about a deadline for negotiations with potential satellite teams, Yamaha’s managing director, Jarvis, stated, “There isn’t a firm deadline per se. No set rules, nothing rigidly defined.

“However, I believe the latest decision point should be prior to the Mugello event [May 31-June 2].

“By the time Mugello arrives, everything should ideally be settled.

“The only strict deadline we have concerns our future planning and investment strategies.”

“Jarvis Outlines Yamaha’s Plans for Potential Satellite Team Expansion”

Lin Jarvis, Yamaha’s head, emphasizes the importance of a timely decision-making process for the team’s future endeavors.

“When discussing budgets, the decision on producing additional materials or not needs to be made by June. That’s roughly the timeline,” Jarvis stated.

Currently, Yamaha stands as the only manufacturer on the MotoGP grid with just two bikes. However, there is a growing sense of optimism within the team that this number could double by the upcoming year.

“We’ve made it clear before that our goal is to have four bikes on the grid again as soon as possible,” Jarvis affirmed.

“This move is not only to enhance competitiveness in each race weekend with more bikes and data but also to bolster our bike development efforts with increased data consistency.

“Operating with just two bikes puts us at a disadvantage, so we’re actively addressing this.”

Jarvis hinted at ongoing confidential discussions and remained optimistic about securing a satellite, second, or independent team on the grid in the near future.

“Our intentions remain unchanged. We are hopeful that we will succeed in bringing a satellite team on board as soon as possible. However, the details will take time to unfold,” he added.

Meanwhile, VR46, as per Crash, expressed contentment with Ducati but hinted at a desire for more, possibly referring to access to the latest-spec Desmosedici should they renew their contract.

Pramac, currently enjoying two factory Ducati bikes, might be enticed to switch to Yamaha due to potential financial incentives. Yamaha could also offer to replace the six specific technicians that Pramac currently receives from Ducati.

With Fabio Quartararo already secured for the next two years, Yamaha’s next significant objective is to establish a satellite team, marking a key step in their quest to regain a leading position in MotoGP.

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