‘I regret that the comparison between Ducati GP23 and GP24 , what matters are your attributes’ : Michele Pirro

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Marc Márquez clinched second place in the Spanish MotoGP Grand Prix after engaging in a fierce head-to-head battle with Francesco Bagnaia aboard his Ducati. Notably, while Márquez rode last year’s version of the Desmosedici GP, Bagnaia had access to the latest iteration.

Speculation has arisen regarding the potential significance of this disparity in winning confrontations. However, Ducati test rider Michele Pirro expressed his reservations, suggesting that the discrepancies between the two bikes are not as pronounced as some might believe.

Pirro voiced his concerns about the persistent comparison between the GP24 and GP23 models, questioning the necessity of developing bikes that lag behind those of rival manufacturers.

He stressed that the performance gap between the two versions is not as substantial as speculated, with differences not amounting to half a second.

Emphasizing the pivotal role of the rider, especially in the latter stages of the race, Pirro underscored that the final outcome is largely determined by the skill and attributes of the individual rider.

He reiterated that during the intense moments of the Grand Prix in Jerez, whether riding the GP23 or GP24, the rider’s prowess takes precedence.

To dispel any misconceptions about the older version of the bike hindering performance, Pirro offered a compelling example from the previous season. He highlighted the commendable efforts of Fabio Di Giannantonio, who consistently competed with the GP22 throughout the season without any updates.

Despite this, Di Giannantonio’s dedication and hard work enabled him to remain competitive, often contending for podiums and victories.

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