Marc Marquez : It’s Time for MotoGP to Decide—The Show or ‘Ideal’ Bikes

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Marc Marquez, Jack Miller, and Maverick Vinales Discuss the Prospective Technical Rule Amendments in MotoGP for 2027.

Marc Marquez continues to advocate for increased rider influence on MotoGP machinery performance in forthcoming rule changes.

While nothing is confirmed, negotiations progress for the upcoming five-year cycle of technical rules, set to commence in 2027.

Anticipated alterations include a decrease in engine size (from 1,000 to 850cc) and aerodynamic adjustments, potentially with bans on ride-height devices and stricter fuel limits enforced.

Six-time MotoGP champion Marquez has emphasized his desire for riders to have more control, aiming to enhance the excitement of the racing spectacle.

“I believe it comes down to whether we want MotoGP to prioritize the show for spectators or the pursuit of perfection in the bikes. Personally, I lean towards prioritizing the show,” Marquez stated. This season, he has switched from Honda to Ducati in a bid to break a two-year win drought.

“In my view, removing some aerodynamics, eliminating certain ride-height devices, and similar adjustments would improve the spectacle. Currently, it’s much more challenging to make overtakes than it used to be.

“Striving for a ‘perfect bike’ often means increasing aerodynamics, resulting in faster lap times. However, viewers at home may not perceive a one-second difference on TV.

“So, my preference is clear: reduce aerodynamics, introduce more manual controls, and it will make for a better show.”



KTM’s Jack Miller remains unfazed about the potential future engine sizes, stating, “We ride the best bikes in the world. Whether they’re 850cc or 1200cc, we’re going to ride them.”

However, the Australian racer acknowledges the challenge of record-breaking speeds, remarking that the racetracks seem to be “getting smaller and smaller” due to the increasing velocities. He also hints that a change in engine size could assist manufacturers like Honda and Yamaha in narrowing the gap to the European brands.

“We’re hitting some pretty high speeds now. Even with my weight on the bike, we’re hitting 360km/h in Qatar!” Miller exclaimed. “We keep encountering this issue – the tracks are shrinking due to the rising speeds. 360 isn’t ideal, but this is the peak of motorcycle racing.”

“800cc engines have been used before. They eventually switched back to 1,000cc. Change can be beneficial as it gives some manufacturers a chance to start anew… And I can think of a few who would appreciate a fresh beginning!”

The previous 800cc era spanned from 2007 to 2011, meaning that among the current full-time grid, only Aleix Espargaro experienced racing with the smaller engine prototypes.

“I’m no expert! I never rode an 800cc in the past… and 2027 is quite far off!” remarked factory Aprilia rider Maverick Vinales regarding the future regulations.

“Perhaps they can even find more power, I’m not sure. But of course, if they remove aerodynamics, you can’t apply the same power exiting corners, which might result in lower top speeds.”

“So, if the aim is safety, the bikes might have reduced top speeds. But I’m unsure if it will be more enjoyable [for the rider], as it always presents a different challenge.”

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