Jorge Lorenzo calls Marc Marquez a bulldog, while Pecco Bagnaia is still considered the top choice.

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Jorge Lorenzo anticipates a competitive field for the 2024 MotoGP title, singling out Francesco Bagnaia as the “favorite” among them.

Three-time MotoGP champion Jorge Lorenzo has shared his insights on the major contenders for the upcoming 2024 season.

Undoubtedly, Francesco Bagnaia is the rider dominating discussions when considering potential world champions for 2024.

With impressive performances in both the Sepang and Qatar tests, setting new lap records, Bagnaia emerges as the clear frontrunner.

Nevertheless, Ducati boasts a roster of top-tier talents that could present formidable challenges.

Jorge Lorenzo has singled out three riders in particular, although he maintains that Bagnaia remains the rider to beat.

“I see Pecco as the kind of rider who operates like a machine,” Lorenzo told “He reminds me of myself in some ways. He thrives when everything aligns perfectly, becoming virtually unbeatable.

“I believe his two world titles have bolstered his self-belief significantly. His confidence is soaring.

“Having spent five years with the same bike, he knows it inside out. Over the past two years, he has been instrumental in the evolution of the new Ducati, allowing Ducati to tailor the bike to his riding style. This synergy is crucial.”

“But for Pecco to truly shine, he needs to feel valued within the team and have everything fall into place perfectly. Then, he’ll showcase his prowess on the track.

“That’s precisely what he did, reminding his rivals of his superiority, asserting himself as the number one and making them second-guess their confidence. His strategy was impeccable. Now, it’s time for the races.

“We’ve witnessed Jorge Martin securing pole positions and strong race starts. There’s Marc Marquez, always relentless in his pursuit of the front positions, akin to a bulldog.

“And undoubtedly, Bastianini appears to be adapting well to the new 2024 bike. However, my bet remains on Pecco as the favorite.”

Renowned for his dominance at certain circuits throughout his career, Lorenzo believes Bagnaia will have race weekends where he simply dominates.

“The improvements made to the new 2024-spec Ducati could spell trouble for Marquez,” Lorenzo added. “Bagnaia has the ability to be untouchable at certain tracks. He’s a formidable force, a two-time world champion, but MotoGP boasts the best riders on the planet.


“With Marc Marquez on what might not be the absolute best bike, as he will have the 2023 model, this could be a decisive factor this season given Ducati’s significant advancements.

“Yet, even with the strongest factory support alongside Bastianini and Martin, both vying for their first championship, Marquez will face a tough challenge.

“However, we cannot overlook Bagnaia’s exceptional strength. Until someone proves otherwise, he remains the favorite in my eyes.”

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