Would Marc Marquez be willing to take the chance of passing Alex Marquez for the victory?

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Marc Marquez and Alex Marquez provide insight into their partnership dynamics ahead of the 2024 MotoGP season.

Marc Marquez found himself in an uncomfortable spot when posed with a tricky question in front of his brother, Alex Marquez, as they gear up for the 2024 MotoGP season as teammates.

When asked if he would attempt to overtake his younger brother if he were in second place during a race, risking a potential crash for both, Marc responded with a hint of humor: “I took a risk to finish seventh last year.” He continued, “It’s instinctual, but regardless, I’d rather seek forgiveness than permission, even if it’s from my brother.”


The dynamic between the Marquez brothers as teammates at Gresini will undoubtedly be closely observed once the racing action kicks off.

Playfully, Alex added, “I’m the boss in our garage.”

Marc elaborated further, saying, “Right from the start, we had our first discussion because when you enter the garage, one rider is on the right side and the other on the left.

“I’ve spent my entire sporting career on the right side of the garage, so when negotiating with the team manager, I made it clear that I would prefer to be on the right.”

“But he informed me that my brother preferred not to switch sides.”

How will their partnership unfold as teammates?

“Despite the natural rivalry , because every rider’s first challenger is always their teammate,” Marc noted, “you always want to assist each other. However, in this situation, it’s different maybe because we are brothers.”

In jest, Alex quipped, “I’ve got quite the tough teammate, I must say.”

Switching to Ducati from Honda


The shift of the eight-time world champion from Repsol Honda to Gresini Ducati stands out as the focal point of discussions ahead of the 2024 MotoGP season, commencing on March 8 in Qatar.

Marc Marquez has provided glimpses of excitement as he tests his new Ducati GP23 bike, yet it’s evident that there are problems to overcome.

“Each motorcycle holds its ‘secrets’ in terms of riding,” Marc explained.

“A bike can perform very well, but the rider must have ability to adapt to its different characteristics compare to other bike.”

“So, I spent 11 years riding the Honda, and now transitioning to Ducati, I need to relearn everything to avoid falling into habits from the previous bike.

“Making the decision was extremely tough for me, but once made, it felt right.

“It was definitely challenging because there are people at Honda with whom I share a very friendly connection and have collaborated for 13 years, along with sponsors which stayed lifelong.

“However, in an sportsman’s career, there come moments when change become necessary to continue their sporting journey, and it was my time to make this decision.”

Did Marc Marquez turn to his brother for advice?


Marquez now joins forces with his younger brother Alex, who had switched from LCR Honda to Gresini the year before.

Both will be riding year-old Ducatis, while the factory team and Pramac riders will have the advantage of the GP24.

Alex disclosed that his brother began to probe him about riding a Ducati only after his move to Gresini was confirmed.

“After the decision was made, it was constant……. questions all day long,” Alex shared.

Marc emphasized, “Before making the decision, I didn’t seek his advice because I wanted to make sure I wasn’t influenced by anything or anyone. I needed to discern what I truly needed before deciding.

“But once I made the call, I began to seek out information.”

Regarding when Marc Marquez asked him for advice, Alex said, “Before, when I was newer to it, no. But now, yes.”

“Now, before making any decision, he always turns to me, as he tends to be more impulsive while I am more contemplative,” Alex shared. “I can say that I am one of the few people who listens to him.”

Regarding his brother’s title aspirations this year, Alex commented, “I believe that if Marc exercises patience, he can achieve a remarkable position by the end of the season. But patience is key.”

Marc chimed in, “I haven’t clinched a victory in two years, so I cannot approach this year solely thinking about the World Championship title.

“First, I need to accumulate points, then aim for a top 5 finish, and if possible, a podium…

“I must progress step by step.”

Marc candidly expressed his frustration with the fact that other MotoGP riders are currently faster than him.

“It truly bothers me, but that is the nature of life,” he admitted. “Every athlete experiences highs, then dips a bit, and then tries to rise again… It’s about learning to endure.”

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