“Just like Marc Marquez did with Valentino Rossi, now I’ve done the same…”

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“The trick is to be a nuisance. Push yourself forward and make some noise!”

Pedro Acosta has humorously shared his thoughts on the daring overtake that grabbed significant attention in the MotoGP paddock.

The rookie sensation, Acosta, swiftly passed the formidable Marc Marquez at the Qatar MotoGP, reminiscent of a young Marquez shaking up the established greats like Valentino Rossi back in 2013.

“It looks simpler on TV than how it felt for me,” Acosta commented on the overtaking maneuver against Marquez.

“He did it with Rossi, and now I’ve done it. You have to be a bit of a troublemaker. Stick your head out and make some waves. It was quite something.”

Acosta then secured his place in history as the third-youngest podium finisher in MotoGP history at the recent Portimao round.

“I hope everything remains as wonderful as it is now,” added the spirited teenager.

“I’m enjoying this and getting paid for what I love, what more could I ask for!” exclaimed Acosta, the 19-year-old Moto2 champion whose demand to enter MotoGP this year prompted a major reshuffle at KTM to retain the exceptional talent.

Pol Espargaro bore the brunt of his rise, losing his full-time race seat as a result.

Joining the Tech3 GASGAS team, Acosta arrived at the Qatar season-opener, adapting to his new surroundings while being hailed for big things ahead.

“Well, I switched teams, changed chief mechanics, pretty much everything changed,” he recounted.

“And that was my first real race because the sprint on Saturday is just a warm-up for Sunday.

“So, I arrived, took off my helmet, and they came up to me, whispering in my ear: ‘Go for it.’

“And I did, giving it my all.”


Acosta stands as the most anticipated rookie in MotoGP since Marquez’s debut in 2013.

While Marquez promptly clinched the premier class title in his rookie year, Acosta faces a different challenge, with less competitive machinery in the Ducati era today.

Despite this, figures like Jorge Lorenzo are adamant that Acosta will claim a Grand Prix win this season.

Reflecting on his journey, Acosta shared, “Looking back, I see how much I’ve transformed since joining the Championship.

“I arrived at 16, and now nearly 20, so naturally, I’ve evolved.

“The first year went smoothly, the third even better, but the second was tough, especially at the beginning. I believe I’m a different rider now compared to when I started.

“If I hadn’t learned and matured, I might have been out of the Championship because my tendency to break bikes wasn’t normal.”

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