Ducati opens up about their approach to supporting a distraught Francesco Bagnaia after the Portimao incident.

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Does Ducati need to take further steps to handle the Francesco Bagnaia-Marc Marquez clash?

Ducati provided Francesco Bagnaia with a few days of solitude to recover from his disappointing clash with Marc Marquez.

The Portuguese MotoGP race was ignited by Bagnaia’s unsuccessful overtaking attempt on Marquez in their battle for fifth place.

The reigning MotoGP champion, Bagnaia, crashed out, while Marquez managed to get back on track but his hopes of scoring points faded away.

“In situations like these, you give it some time, a few days,” explained Davide Tardozzi, the Ducati team manager.

“Then, you resume discussions. We need a bit of space to let things settle.”

Tardozzi commented on the clash between two Ducati riders: “Undoubtedly, it was a racing incident.

“It’s evident that in certain scenarios, it’s beneficial to maintain composure, but both riders have spoken and I believe it’s a resolved matter, closed with a handshake.

“When a six-time MotoGP champion and a two-time MotoGP champion engage in battle, it’s obvious that neither wants to yield. These moments are exciting for the fans, yet they also come to a conclusion.”

The stewards deemed it a racing incident, a conclusion both Bagnaia and Marquez concurred with.

How Ducati handles any residual aftermath could be pivotal for Bagnaia’s title defense.

When questioned about it, Ducati CEO Claudio Domenicali responded, “I understand the media’s interest in the topic, but I try to steer clear of controversies whenever possible. I don’t take the bait.”

The positive news for Ducati is that Jorge Martin of Pramac leads the championship after two rounds.

Enea Bastianini, Bagnaia’s teammate in the factory team, secured second place behind Martin in the Portuguese MotoGP.

Bastianini currently stands third in the rankings, a crucial year for him to secure his Ducati spot for 2025.

“I believe Enea is rediscovering his speed from 2022,” asserted Tardozzi.

“I also believe that in Austin, he will once again be a key contender, fighting for victory.

“He is delivering the satisfaction he deserves, which we anticipated when we chose to retain him despite the challenges of the unfortunate 2023 season.”

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