“Money is a factor for everyone, but…” – Fabio Quartararo chatting with Yamaha rivals.

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Fabio Quartararo weighs “money” against “a project that resonates with me” for his 2025 decision.

Fabio Quartararo has shared insights into his decision-making process for his MotoGP future.

Approaching the final year of his contract with Yamaha and facing uncertain prospects for his bike’s competitiveness, Quartararo is exploring options for 2025.

While Aprilia has been frequently linked with Quartararo, he disclosed that discussions have occurred across the paddock.

“We’re in talks with various teams regarding my future,” Quartararo revealed to Sky.

“I find it intriguing to explore these possibilities.

“It won’t be a prolonged wait before I decide; I will carve out my path for the future soon.

“I’m not suggesting an imminent decision, but I won’t let it linger either.”

Importantly, Quartararo outlined the criteria for his decision-making.

“Money is a factor for everyone,” he stated.

“However, I am seeking a project that resonates with me and enables me to attain the results I desire.”

In 2021, Quartararo clinched the MotoGP championship with Yamaha and narrowly missed defending his title in the final round of 2022, despite his bike’s declining competitiveness.

However, the past season proved to be a challenging one for him.


Yamaha’s concessions allow for an accelerated improvement, yet team principal Massimo Meregalli acknowledges that their fortunes won’t shift in the immediate future.

This sets Yamaha on a tight deadline to convince Quartararo of their competitiveness for 2025, with other teams also vying for his attention.

Aprilia presents an enticing offer with a bike currently outperforming Quartararo’s Yamaha.

KTM, with a lineup brimming with talent like Pedro Acosta, might have an opening, though Brad Binder is already committed to them.

Ducati, while a formidable manufacturer, lacks an obvious vacancy for Quartararo.

Francesco Bagnaia is under contract, Marc Marquez remains an alluring option, and Fermin Aldeguer adds another dimension to their considerations.

Switching from one struggling Japanese manufacturer to another, like Honda, appears improbable for Quartararo.

Maintaining his status as one of MotoGP’s elite riders, the pursuit of his signature could shape the upcoming silly season.

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