Pedro Acosta : ‘I have a very huge ego and I often search for things about myself on Google’

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In the world of MotoGP, riders are not just athletes; they are public figures with a massive following that often spans thousands or even millions of fans. As such, a wealth of information about them can easily be found on the internet, from news articles to memorabilia, sometimes even available for sale.

During an appearance on the popular El Hormiguero show, Pedro Acosta, the talented rider for Red Bull GasGas Tech3, shared a rather amusing and revealing anecdote. It all began with Acosta admitting with a hint of humor, “I have a very big ego and I search for things about myself on Google.”

Curiosity piqued, Acosta decided one day to venture beyond the usual Google search. He recalled a moment when he thought to himself, “Why not check Wallapop to see what’s out there related to Pedro Acosta?” To his surprise, he discovered a range of items purportedly linked to him—boots, sliders, gloves, and various other items. However, there was a catch; these items were not actually his, despite being advertised as such.

This discovery left Acosta in a peculiar position. Feeling bemused by the situation, he decided to respond in a way that was both witty and practical. “So, I got tired of them laughing at me like that,” he explained, “and thought I could laugh at them by selling my used shorts, used but good.”

In a stroke of comedic genius, Acosta decided to fight fire with fire, offering up something truly his own—his used shorts. It was a light-hearted and candid way for the rookie rider to address the situation, turning the tables on those who mistakenly claimed to be selling his gear.

This episode not only showcased Acosta’s sense of humor but also highlighted the quirky experiences that come with fame in the MotoGP world. From searching for oneself on Google to discovering unexpected “merchandise” on sale, Acosta’s story provided a humorous insight into the life of a rising star in the motorcycle racing scene.

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