Acosta Demands Michelin Address “Unusual” Vibration Challenges with 2024 MotoGP Machinery

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Pedro Acosta asserts that Michelin must intervene and rectify the “peculiar” tire vibrations following yet another encounter with the issue during the MotoGP Spanish Grand Prix.

Rear tire chatter has emerged as a persistent issue in MotoGP this season, drawing notable attention from Ducati riders since the opening round in Qatar.

Even Tech3 GasGas rookie Acosta has experienced the unsettling vibrations, encountering them during his 10th-place finish at Jerez, marking his least favorable result in the premier class thus far.

Reflecting on his experience, the 19-year-old emphasized the urgency for MotoGP’s official tire supplier to address the issue and enhance tire stability.

Acosta clarified that the problem is not directly linked to the bike or braking system, urging Michelin to intervene.

“In the end, it’s something that Michelin needs to consider,” he remarked. “Because other manufacturers have also raised concerns about this since I first rode the bike in Malaysia.


It’s perplexing because it doesn’t stem from the shock absorbers or the bike itself. Understanding its origin and finding a solution is quite challenging.”

When asked about facing a similar issue at the Americas GP in Austin, Acosta noted, “More so in the sprint race than the grand prix, especially with the softer tire. However, today it occurred with the medium, not the soft as expected. It’s quite perplexing to pinpoint its origin.”

Acosta wasn’t alone among KTM riders troubled by chattering at Jerez, as Jack Miller’s race was also affected by the same problem.

“The vibration was a limiting factor for me, particularly on entry to Turns 4, 7, and 8,” explained the Australian. “Whenever I attempted to let the bike roll or move forward quickly, it would start vibrating from the rear, resembling a lateral slide.

I had to wait for the vibration to settle before proceeding. We made progress in some areas, but then encountered a barrier.”

Meanwhile, Brad Binder, Acosta’s factory KTM teammate, encountered rear tire vibration for the first time on his RC16 but managed to finish as the leading non-Ducati rider in sixth place.

“I faced some struggles,” he admitted. “Right from the start of the race, I experienced a lot of chatter, which made it challenging to maintain corner speed.

Apart from that, I can’t really complain. It’s the first time it happened during the race. Throughout the weekend, we didn’t encounter anything like this. It just became tricky during the race for some reason.”

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