Recalling the concessions process, Carmelo Ezpeleta notes, ‘Ducati was pushing for fewer concessions; not everyone was entirely content.

Carmelo Ezpeleta
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The concessions in MotoGP, approved this year on an exceptional basis primarily for Honda and Yamaha, sparked considerable controversy. Carmelo Ezpeleta has revisited the topic, emphasizing that while not everyone was pleased, a compromise had to be reached among all parties involved.

“Dorna’s CEO shared his thoughts on the matter with Spanish newspaper Mundo Deportivo, clarifying his position and shedding light on why the process wasn’t as swift as it could have been. ‘I strongly believe, whenever feasible, in achieving consensus among all parties. It took us some time to align our proposals with those of the other manufacturers,’ he explained.

He continued to discuss the manufacturers’ perspectives, noting that some have been more cooperative in the process than others. However, he emphasized that in this particular case, it’s not possible to please everyone equally.

“Honda and Yamaha were clearly in favor from the beginning, while KTM and Aprilia had different requests, and Ducati sought fewer concessions. Ultimately, we had to reach an agreement that doesn’t fully satisfy everyone, but ensures the championship’s satisfaction.

“It’s worth noting that several members of the Ducati team have publicly stated that the Borgo Panigale manufacturer has faced more challenges than others. Instead of retaining their previous test day allowances, they’ve had some days taken away.”

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