The United States identifies MotoGP as a “sleeping giant” ready to awaken and flourish.

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The future of MotoGP in the USA unfolds as Dan Rossomondo shares his expansive plans for the sport.

Dan Rossomondo, MotoGP’s chief commercial officer, has expressed optimism about the future of the sport in the United States.

With a background in the NBA, Rossomondo is aiming for significant growth in the American market, akin to Formula 1’s surge under Liberty Media’s ownership.

Describing MotoGP as a “sleeping giant,” Rossomondo shared with CNN, “This sport is primed for growth.” He emphasized plans for innovation both on and off the circuit, focusing on fan engagement and delivering new products.

“As we approach our 75th anniversary, we aim to offer something special to our core audience daily, while also attracting and retaining new fans,” Rossomondo added.

The 2024 MotoGP season welcomes a new addition to the grid with Trackhouse Racing, based in Nashville and co-owned by rapper Pitbull, bringing a NASCAR background to the mix.

In a notable move, US TV rights have shifted to TNT Sports, part of the Warner Bros Discovery network.

“This new TV deal is incredibly important for us,” Rossomondo emphasized.

“We’re particularly excited because this sport is tailor-made for the American audience, so we’re thrilled about it.”

The 2024 season marks the second consecutive year featuring a sprint race at every MotoGP round.

“With three children of my own—ages 14, 16, and 18—I understand their attention spans,” Rossomondo shared.

“Both of our products, the 45-minute race on Sunday and the 24-minute sprint race on Saturday, are tailored for today’s entertainment and sports consumers.”

“We aimed to create a product that serves as a teaser for our main race, and it has been incredibly successful,” he continued, noting a global viewership growth of over 20%.

“The teams and riders have embraced it, leading to its continuation at every Grand Prix this year.”

Rossomondo also highlighted the role of technology in MotoGP’s future:

“We have two gladiatorial figures—the riders and the teams—both pushing their limits,” he explained.

“To ensure safety, we employ AI extensively, tracking riders’ positions on the circuit and monitoring bike performance. Our on-air graphics are largely AI-generated.”

“The technology we use in the sport is not only shaping future bike developments for the streets but also setting a benchmark for tech companies,” Rossomondo added.

“AI is a pivotal focus for us as we strive to make MotoGP even more appealing to fans.”

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