With in only 10 minutes , Francesco Bagnaia had to swiftly acclimate to a total new strategy in Qatar.

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A detailed analysis of Francesco Bagnaia’s varied approaches during the Qatar weekend scrutinized.

Francesco Bagnaia clinched victory at the Qatar MotoGP following rapid adjustments to a fresh setup and strategy within minutes.

His Ducati GP24 presented unforeseen challenges following a disappointing P4 finish in Saturday’s sprint race.

However, employing a masterful approach to problem-solving using data, Ducati reconfigured his bike for Sunday’s race, enabling the reigning champion Bagnaia to secure a commanding win.

Reflecting on his strategy, Bagnaia told TNT Sports, “I aimed to take the lead as quickly as I could. That was the plan.”

“Starting well and leading from the front allows for better management of everything,” Bagnaia explained.

“I was confident in my pace, knowing I could build a gap, so I went for it.

“My team did an excellent job overnight. The sprint race taught us valuable lessons about the limits of our bike.

“This machine has its unique performance characteristics. You have to approach lap times differently.”

“The two races were approached in entirely contrasting manners,” Bagnaia reflected.

“In the sprint race, I focused heavily on corner speed, whereas in the grand prix, it was the opposite—mostly relying on braking.

“It was enlightening to grasp these nuances. My team now has a wealth of data to delve into, which will prove invaluable for the rest of the championship.”

His diverse strategies in the sprint and grand prix races were then dissected.

Michael Laverty explained, “With 22 litres of fuel, one litre per lap, fuel management is key. Additionally, there’s roughly 800 grams of rear tyre to contend with, a crucial factor over the race distance.


“Bagnaia optimized lap times by pushing the limits on braking, conserving tyre wear. This approach minimized the impact on the rubber.

“However, in the sprint race, he was using the tyres differently, rolling through corners to chase lap times, inadvertently raising temperatures and affecting performance.

“Ducati and Bagnaia strategized meticulously, utilizing each lap’s 40 grams of rubber and the allocated fuel efficiently. It’s a mathematical puzzle they’ve mastered.”

Sylvain Guintoli added, “Qatar’s unique track posed specific challenges, prompting Ducati’s tailored solutions backed by robust data.

“Pecco quickly adapted, altering the bike’s geometry for improved braking efficiency. He was tasked with generating lap times in the braking zones, a delicate balance to strike.

“It’s remarkable how Bagnaia swiftly adjusted during the warm-up, embracing a new approach to securing victory.”

Bagnaia, reigning MotoGP champion for the past two seasons, concludes the first round of 2024 atop the standings.

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