Will KTM’s MV Agusta acquisition lead to a captivating Marc Marquez MotoGP project?

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Is MotoGP set to see effects from the KTM-MV Agusta arrangement?

Is a bold prediction placing Marc Marquez on an MV Agusta edging closer to reality?

Pierer Mobility Group, the parent company of KTM, has now acquired a majority stake of 50.1% in MV Agusta, adding this historic brand to its already impressive portfolio including KTM, Husqvarna, and GASGAS.

The newly appointed CEO of MV Agusta, Hubert Trunkenpolz, is a board member of Pierer Mobility Group and represents the ‘T’ in KTM.

This significant development in the realm of road bikes could potentially evolve into an exciting scenario in MotoGP.

KTM is actively working towards expanding its current presence on the 2024 grid, which currently includes four bikes.

The factory duo of Brad Binder and Jack Miller is complemented by Tech3 GASGAS’ Pedro Acosta and Augusto Fernandez, but KTM aims for more.

Last year, they explored the possibility of adding additional bikes to the grid through discussions with Dorna, albeit without success. They also engaged with existing satellite teams about potentially joining their group.

Reports suggest that KTM is in discussions with VR46, who are weighing their options of leaving or staying with Ducati. Could this pave the way for KTM to introduce a fifth and sixth bike with MV Agusta?

“I don’t rule out the possibility that we will enter MotoGP as a separate brand with MV Agusta in 2027,” Stefan Pierer revealed to Speedweek in December.

MV Agusta holds a significant MotoGP legacy despite withdrawing in 1976, after securing 38 riders’ championships. Legendary figures such as Giacomo Agostini, Mike Hailwood, Phil Read, and John Surtees have graced the MV Agusta lineup.

Although the brand made a quiet return to Moto2 in 2019 with Forward Racing, the project came to an abrupt end. However, under new ownership and with fresh financial backing, MV Agusta retains its esteemed name and reputation, primed to make a grand reentry into motorcycle racing.

This potential resurgence could be amplified, especially if a star like Marc Marquez were to lead the project. The eight-time world champion, who recently switched from Honda to Ducati, is currently only committed for one year, leaving his future open for discussion next year.

Marquez and KTM both share Red Bull as a significant sponsor, and there’s a possibility he could be approached by the factory team for 2025.

Ricard Jove, reporting for DAZN last year, mentioned, “Do you know what KTM’s dream is? Do you know what marketing exercise KTM really wants to do in the future? Having Marc Marquez on an MV Agusta. That’s the play they’d like to make, and it’s within reach.”

However, regulatory hurdles would need to be navigated, including demonstrating that KTM and MV Agusta are developed and homologated separately.

With new MotoGP regulations set to take effect in 2027, KTM appears to have ambitious plans on the horizon.

The question remains: does this fantasy alignment with Marquez make practical sense?

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